Discover the Heartbeat of Rico's Upholstery

About Rico's Luxury Designs

Introducing Rico's Upholstery, a cherished haven for those seeking refined elegance and personalized craftsmanship. Founded by the visionary Ricardo "Rico" Rodriguez in the illustrious year of 1986, our legacy endures as a cherished family treasure. From our humble beginnings, where we breathed new life into treasured belongings through bespoke reupholstery, we've blossomed into a beacon of sophistication, offering a symphony of furniture, decor, and interior design mastery for both residential and commercial sanctuaries.

At Rico's, excellence is not just a standard; it's a way of life. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to unparalleled service, each project is nurtured with the same tenderness as a cherished heirloom. Our seasoned artisans possess an innate ability to translate your dreams into tangible manifestations of opulence, ensuring every inch of your space reflects your unique essence.

From the cozy confines of your home sanctuary to the bustling corridors of your business empire, Rico's expert team stands ready to orchestrate a symphony of transformation. With an extensive repertoire of premium furniture, exquisite window treatments, and sumptuous fabrics sourced from the most esteemed brands, your vision is poised to transcend the boundaries of imagination.

Seeking a bespoke solution tailored to your discerning tastes? Look no further. Whether it's the creation of a custom furniture masterpiece or the seamless integration of built-in features to elevate your residential or commercial space, Rico's Upholstery is your trusted ally in the pursuit of perfection.

Let Rico's be the guardian of your aesthetic journey, where luxury meets legacy, and dreams find their eternal sanctuary.